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Youth and alcohol: do new trends demand new solutions?

Youth and alcohol: do new trends demand new solutions?

World Health Organization
November 7, 2023

Alcohol consumption among young people (15–19-year-olds) carries significant health risks and no benefits. Drinking among young people may appear to have little change over the past two decades globally. However, this trend masks substantial changes at the country and regional levels. For example, alcohol consumption among youth appears to be decreasing in North America and Europe. Still, there is greater variability in trends in WHO South-East Asia, Africa and the Western Pacific regions, including areas of increasing youth consumption.

This webinar explores trends related to youth alcohol consumption according to the latest available data. Different hypotheses for these patterns will be tested to understand their root causes in various settings, including educational environments, online (digital) settings and the home environment. Different population-level policy interventions to influence alcogenic environments will also be explored, building upon the dialogue initiated in the second edition of the Less Alcohol Webinar series on reducing exposure to alcogenic environments.

The event is co-organized by the Less Alcohol Unit of the Department of Health Promotion, the Alcohol, Drugs and Addictive Behaviours Unit and the Adolescent and Young Adult Health Unit at the World Health Organization.

Joining this event requires prior registration. Visit the registration link here. If you have questions regarding how to attend, don’t hesitate to contact the Less Alcohol Unit for more information: lessalcohol@who.int.