Martini unveils ice cube-shaped drink sensor

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Martini unveils ice cube-shaped drink sensor


Source: The Spirits Business

by Annie Hayes

2nd September, 2016


Leading vermouth brand Martini has created an ice cube-shaped device that anticipates when a drink is finished and uses Bluetooth to communicate with the bar in real time.


Martini Smart Cube is added to the drink in addition to regular square ice cubes, and uses Bluetooth to relay information to the bar as the drink is consumed, allowing staff to prepare drinks in advance while also keeping tally of the number of drinks consumed to encourage responsible drinking.


When a drink reaches a low level, the cube’s transmission beacon switches off momentarily and the LEDs in the ice cube pulse in a unique colour sequence


As well as providing its real-time ordering technology, the device also functions as a traditional ice-cube due to the addition of Aerogel –  a technology created by NASA which keeps the cube’s temperature cool and allows it to stay buoyant.


Martini Smart Cube can also detect when drinks have been tampered with, measure the alcohol content of the drink, and if multiple cubes are grouped, can help locate friends included in the round.


Created in association with agency partner AMV BBDO, the Martini Smart Cube will premiere at the Terrazza Martini Darsena at the Italian F1 Grand Prix at Monza this coming weekend.


James Rowley, director of creative technology at AMV BBDO, said: “Creating an ice-cube packed with technology presented some difficult challenges. Bluetooth signal strength is reduced significantly when immersed in liquid. But by tweaking the power and carefully positioning the antenna we managed to get the range to about 30 metres, even in a busy bar environment.”


Communication between the cube and the bar is via Bluetooth to an iPad Pro equipped with a bespoke web application, which stores data on the cloud and features analytics to track drink activity – such as the number of Bianco vs Rosso ordered.


Consumers are only able to order up to two drinks with the Smart Cube.


“At Martini, we believe that time with friends is time well spent. Our Smart Cube technology means that you can do just that instead of queuing at the bar,” said Laila Mignoni, creative excellence director, Martini.


“There’s huge potential for innovation within the beverage industry and this is just the beginning.”