Smugglers keep trying to get alcohol into Saudi Arabia and customs officials keep twe

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Smugglers keep trying to get alcohol into Saudi Arabia and customs officials keep tweeting it


Source: Washington Post

By Adam Taylor

January 31


Thanks to the country’s austere interpretation of Islamic law, alcohol is illegal in Saudi Arabia. The punishments can be harsh: Anyone caught in possession of wine, beer or other alcoholic beverages runs the risk of time in jail and flogging.


Despite this, there are a fair few people within the country who like to drink alcohol – and there are smugglers willing to come up with elaborate methods of getting the alcohol into the country.


For a little over a year, Saudi Arabia’s custom officials have been sharing some of the failed attempts to smuggle alcohol into the country on social media. The tweet at the top of this article, for example, shows one of the many attempts to smuggle alcohol hidden in a vehicle.


Other recent images show a wide variety of other attempts to hide alcohol, including hiding the alcohol in underpants…


… inside industrial looking containers …


… inside fake crates…


… in specially designed pants …


… and even in fake cans of Pepsi.


Saudi customs officials discover 48,000 cans of Heineken disguised as Pepsi


Smugglers aren’t restricting their trade to alcohol, either. Customs officials have also shared images of prohibited drugs like “captagon”  hidden in tires …


… large amounts of cash …


… and what are referred to as “bird accessories.”


Saudi Arabia’s legal system isn’t known for its openness – in fact, many consider it inscrutable if not worse. But Saudi customs’ embrace of social media may reflect the burgeoning and often vibrant social media audience within the country. The Saudi customs Twitter account has a not-too-shabby 136,000 followers.


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