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Burger King wins UK alcohol licence

Burger King wins UK alcohol licence


Source: The Spirits Business

by Kristiane Sherry

30th November, 2015


Burger King is thought to be the first UK’s first fast-food restaurant chain to be awarded an alcohol licence, despite opposition from police.


The company’s Bury St Edmunds branch in Suffolk will be the first to serve alcohol, however there are strict rules in place over fears that children would be put at risk, Matt Dee, licensing inspector, told the Daily Mail.


Despite applying for a licence that would enable it to sell alcohol from 10am to 11pm, Burger King will only be allowed to serve one beer per adult up to 9pm. In addition, patrons will not be allowed to take drinks outside over fears of increased crime and disorder.


Burger King has also applied for alcohol licences for its restaurants in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Blackpool and Hull, but these are still under consideration. The Bury St Edmunds decision sets a precedent in the UK fast food industry, and potentially opens up the market for other big names to follow.


However, in a 2013 statement, rival McDonald’s said: “Although a number of European McDonald’s markets serve alcoholic beverages as part of their menu, this is not something that we have experienced customer demand for or something that fits with the family-friendly focus of our restaurants in the UK.”


Prior to the UK licensing decision, Burger King already sold alcohol in some parts of the US, Singapore, Venezuela and Spain in its Whopper Bars.