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  • US to gain 16m more wine drinkers – research (Excerpt)

US to gain 16m more wine drinkers – research (Excerpt)

US to gain 16m more wine drinkers – research (Excerpt)


Source: Just-Drinks

By Lucy Britner

30 November 2015


The US is to gain 16m more drinkers over the next ten years as the next generation comes of age, according to a study.


A report from Wine Intelligence, released late last week, suggests that generational and demographic changes in the country will boost the number of drinkers. The ‘Wine Intelligence Future Wine Consumers in the US Market 2015’ report says the number of regular wine drinkers in the US stands at 93m – 40% of the adult population. Wine Intelligence estimates that this figure will rise to 109m, or 44% of all adults, by 2025.


The report looks at the generation following Millennials. “These youngsters, the oldest of whom are about to become of legal drinking age, are likely to play an increasingly important role over the next ten years, with the report estimating that by 2025 there could already be around 22.7m ‘Next-Gen’ regular wine drinkers,” said Wine Intelligence.


A total of  57% of the ‘Next-Gens’ surveyed said that they were keen to learn more about wine once they become old enough to drink.