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  • Conscientious Drinking on the rise among Millennials and Gen Z

Conscientious Drinking on the rise among Millennials and Gen Z

Conscientious Drinking on the rise among Millennials and Gen Z

Business Wire
May 27, 2022

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE) – New data from Reach3 Insights, a full-service insights consultancy, reveals telling insights into the real drinking attitudes of legal drinking age younger consumers (ages 21-39), from conscientious drinking to stress relief and new summer trends among Bev Alc consumers.

The report looked at sentiment among beverage and alcohol brands across generations, finding Millennials are more likely, or more open about choosing, to drink alcohol to relieve stress — 74% of Millennials drink to relieve stress vs. 66% of Gen Z. Both generations participate in a variety of non-drinking activities to help manage stress (89% of Gen Z & 87% of Millennials). Instead, Reach3 Insights, in conjunction with mobile market research platform Rival Technologies, found that exercise, reading and writing, mindfulness, and listening to music have become new trends for relieve stress among both groups, study.

Conscientious Drinking

The study found that Millennials and GenZ are more particular and thoughtful when deciding to imbibe during social interactions. Both have dabbled in the dry-dating space with 28% of Gen Z reporting having tried Dry-dating and 21% of Millennials having done so. Among those who never tried Dry-dating, 37% of Gen Z would give it a go while only 25% of Millennials would do so.

Despite differing levels of participation/interest, Gen Z and Millennials align on why they go on dry dates, including safety, and creating an authentic experience. Although most who try dry dating are positive, some see it as a pretentious, trendy name for ordinary dating where two people just don’t drink.

“We found that overall, these groups believe moderation is key and do not seek alcohol to become the most ‘fun’ version of themselves, especially when dating,” said Jonathan Dore, Senior Vice President, Founding Partner of Reach3 Insights. “Drinking isn’t inherently bad, but younger consumers believe moderation is key — as in they can still drink and have an honest and authentic interaction if both parties are responsible for themselves and their consumption. Direct-to-consumer Bev Alc brands are seeing an uptick in sales given their lower alcohol percentage and using our unique in-the-moment mobile messaging-based research techniques, we found that the sentiment among audiences is that they do not want drinking to impact their health and mental awareness.”

For more information about the report, visit: https://www.reach3insightstop3.com/conscientious-drinking-for-gen-z-and-millennials/