Four foods to avoid before drinking alcohol — and one will come as a huge surprise

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Four foods to avoid before drinking alcohol — and one will come as a huge surprise

The Sun
By Rianne Ison
May 27, 2022

WHEN it comes to drinking alcohol during a night out, we all know how important it is to line your stomach in preparation.

And while many indulge in some hearty carbohydrates or pub grub to do just that, it’s emerged this may not be the best idea.

According to gut health dietitian Amanda Sauceda, there are four food groups that should be avoided at all costs ahead of drinking – including anything fried. 

That’s because fried food or bar snacks – like chicken or chips – typically don’t include a good enough variety of nutrients to keep your gut in check and healthy as you sip on wine or beer. 

Amanda told that another no-go on the food front is anything that may trigger heartburn. For example, spicy food, such as curries, chocolate or even peppermint. 

According to research in Best Practices in Research – Clinical Gastroenterology​, type of food group will likely irritate your digestive system further. 

Similarly, dishes that often make you feel bloated are not a good idea before you go out for the evening.

Amanda explained: “I would avoid foods that make you feel bloated or gassy. And since alcohol can upset your gut, sticking to your usual foods will keep your gut happy.”

Meanwhile, caffeine is also on the naughty list as drinks including additional caffeine can make you more alert.

In turn, they can impact you negatively as they will “help to mask the symptoms of alcohol use, which could give you the false sense that you can drink more.”