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Customers camp out for sale of premium liquors

Customers camp out for sale of premium liquors


Global News

By Nadia Stewart

November 5, 2015

CANADA – A hearty group of keen customers are braving the rain and chilly nights, camping outside the BC Liquor Store in Oakridge, for a chance to snag some premium liquor.


This Saturday marks the liquor store’s 10th annual Premium Spirit Release, an opportunity for lovers of fine scotches, whiskeys and other spirits to snag some rare finds. For Bruce Langereis, president of the company that owns the Georgia Hotel, this is his first year camping out. He’s hoping to get some rare products for the hotel’s bar.


“This year, I’ve got myself and my chairman from Singapore in the lineup, so we’re going to be camping here for the next three days at 41st and Cambie,” said Langereis.


This year’s most sought after bottle will definitely put a dent in your budget.


“Our most sought after bottle in this year’s release would be the Glenfiddich 50 Year Old and that one is $36,000,” said Daisy Liang, a product specialist with BC Liquor Stores. “We have one bottle and that is the first bottle to go.”


There are 81 products available in this year’s release with limited quantities of each item for sale.


“For most of the ones that are very sought after, you’re going to get flavours of honey and nectar and everything is just so silky and so harmonious,” said Liang.


At least 25 people have been camped outside the store at Cambie Street and West 39th Avenue since Tuesday. Those already queued up expect the line to grow.


“Anyone that’s in the spirits business, anyone that runs a bar, they will be attending,” said Langereis.


The sale begins Saturday morning. A full list of the products is available here.