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Designers create ‘Social Shot’ drinks ‘robot’

Designers create ‘Social Shot’ drinks ‘robot’


Source: The Spirits Business

by Kristiane Sherry

16th November, 2015


A team of German designers has developed a “robot” that creates bespoke shot drinks based on a user’s Facebook personality.


The machine was developed after University of Cambridge researchers established an algorithm to determine a Facebook user’s personality based on the posts they “like”.


By matching ingredients to the “Big Five” personality traits, the design team developed the concept of creating custom shot drinks by social media.


Neuroticism was paired with red grenadine, extroversion with yellow lemon juice, openness with blue Curaçao, agreeableness with green basil liqueur, and conscientiousness with clear vodka.


To get their drink, users need to log in to a “terminal” which enables the “Social Shot” robot bartender to gather data from Facebook, apply the algorithm and create the shot.


Depending on the personality type detected, different valves of the machine open. Ingredients flow until a two-cylinder shot is created.


“We wanted to create a cool way for people to visualize their personality. and then drink it!” Simon Frambach, one of the product team designers, told Business Insider.


“We had to cover the broad spectrum of the density of the liquids because the grenadine syrup is very heavy, so it sinks to the bottom. The vodka is the lightest, so it sticks to the top. And of course, it had to be tasty in most combinations, so we added some sweet stuff.”


The Social Shot is currently only available in Germany as it is in its beta phase of development.


“Robot” bartenders have become something of a trend – earlier this year SB rounded up the best on the market.