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How Social Networks Impact Alcohol Purchases

How Social Networks Impact Alcohol Purchases


AdWeek-Social Times

By David Cohenn

July 21, 2015

How much influence do friends and social networks have on decisions to purchase beer, wine and spirits? Gallons, according to marketing platform Crowdtap.


Crowdtap conducted a poll of consumers, and its findings included:


  • 97 percent of respondents have taken peer recommendations into consideration when purchasing alcoholic beverages.
  • 80 percent have purchased alcoholic beverages they discovered on social media.
  • 95 percent would like to collaborate with brands on their marketing of alcoholic beverages.
  • 92 percent said they would be interested in ongoing conversations with brands in the sector.
  • 91 percent said friends’ comments on social media have influenced their purchase decisions.
  • 72 percent use their smartphones to access social networks while shopping for beer, wine and spirits.