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Southern Comfort Launches Drone Booze Delivery Program

Southern Comfort Launches Drone Booze Delivery Program



By Khushbu Shah

March 31, 2015


After four years of research nothing screams “I live my life on the edge” quite like having a bottle of Southern Comfort delivered to you via drone. According to a press release, the liquor company is launching a beta version of their obviously named SoCo 2Go:Drone Delivery program starting today. Fans of the whiskey-flavored liqueur will soon be able to have a bottle of the brand’s new Caramel Comfort delivered to them by an unmanned aerial vehicle.

Southern Comfort conducted four years of research, has secured permits for the program, and has apparently had a 96 percent delivery success rate during trial testing. On its website, the company notes that they do not plan to charge customers a delivery fee: “Our initial trials of aerial delivery have actually shown to reduce some ‘overhead.'”


The drone delivery program will have a limited roll out: Starting today, the company is asking interested drinkers to sign up, and Southern Comfort will announce which cities have been selected this summer.


Southern Comfort isn’t the first company to use drone technology to deliver booze. Last year, a company used drones to deliver beer to fisherman in remote parts of Minnesota. Shortly after, a club in Las Vegas turned to a drone to drop off bottle service to party goers. And in the Swiss Alps, a company used the device to deliver champagne to a bar located at the top of a mountain. Check out a video about the Southern Comfort drone program.


Click for video:  https://youtu.be/nabrjmwZ3oM