EEU countries to introduce unified system of alcohol market regulation

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EEU countries to introduce unified system of alcohol market regulation



By Tatyana Kudryavtseva, Bishkek – news agency

November 12, 2015

Unified system of regulation of the alcohol market will be introduced in the EEU countries, the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) reported.


According to it, yesterday the EEC Board approved the relevant draft agreement. The document removes the barriers in mutual alcoholic beverages trade and forms the legal framework, governing the market within the Union without discriminatory restrictions. This means that manufacturers from all the EEU countries will have access to the markets of other countries of integration association.


“The document prescribes common objectives and principles, general regulatory measures, including control and supervision over the activities of participants in the alcohol market. The agreement will provide an appropriate level of administrative cooperation of the authorized bodies on regulation of the market. Entering of new alcohol products to the EEU market will affect the state of competition in the common market. It will boost the quality of alcoholic products and the expansion of its product range,” EEC commented the decision.


It is expected that the approval of the draft document will be completed till December 1, 2015. In the near future it will be submitted to the Board of EEC. Then the document will be sent to all the countries of the Union for carrying out internal procedures, and then the agreement will be submitted for signature.


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